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Join us today and help support the work we carry out in protecting, rescuing and caring for badgers in Norfolk

Some of the work we do; rescuing badgers, building artificial setts to relocate rescued cubs and liaising with the police when setts have been damaged or destroyed.

We also carry out sett surveying, sett surveying days (when land owners allow and in line with covid restrictions), hold events to raise awareness of badgers and educate the public on this fascinating species. 

If you would like to join us please email and we will send you a membership form.

You can join and help us with sett surveys, events, RTC reporting and checking. You will receive a newsletter and be invited to any events and meetings we hold. You do not have to commit to being an active member of the group, your support if gratefully received what ever your level of interest, available time and already acquired skills. 
Single membership £7.50
Household membership £12.50
12 month membership.

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