What do we do.

We record the location of badger setts, any badgers involved in road traffic collisions and any suspicious activity concerning badgers and their setts. We attend wildlife functions and events as well as other events to educate and spread the word about badgers in Norfolk. We work with Norfolk Police to assist them with any possible badger crime as expert witnesses, as well as assisting Natural England if required. Developers will also seek advice from us concerning their proposed building activities/disturbance around badger setts.

Over the years we have given advice and assistance to Norfolk land owners, both big and small, with ways they can live alongside the badgers they have, as well as how they can best protect them and even expand the population. We carry out both desktop and land based surveys for ecology companies and other organisations. We are also on hand to carry out badger rescues, whatever the circumstances i.e. sick or injured badgers; badgers disturbed due to interference at their setts etc. within Norfolk as well as further afield if required.

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