Norfolk Badger Trust, caring, advising, rescuing and educating.

Norfolk Badger Trust (NBT) formed in 2015 after two badger enthusiasts became deeply saddened and frustrated at the number of badgers they were finding that had been killed illegally in Norfolk, along with sett interference. Until then there had been no official or active group in Norfolk to work alongside the public and agencies such as the police and Natural England.

This seemed at first like too big a task for just two individuals to carry out but with continued backing from Norfolk Police it was carried through. Originally the group was named the Norfolk Badger Protection Group. However, as the group grew and its contacts widened, it was decided by way of a members vote to change the name to Norfolk Badger Trust as well as becoming affiliated with the Badger Trust. In 2018 NBT became a registered charity 1180066 in order to ensure we could be seen to be being open and transparent with our own conduct and to the public.

Norfolk’s badgers and their welfare are our priority and driving force behind the charity and over the years we have a built up a very good relationship working with Norfolk Police along with the Badger Trust and other agencies ensuring Norfolk’s badgers receive the best protection we can give them.

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